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The foundation of Alvarado Managed IT Services rests upon the belief that every business, regardless of its size, can achieve scalability through the strategic use of technology. With a wealth of expertise spanning Computer System Engineering, Network Engineering, and Information Security, AMIS is driven by a mission to empower countless businesses worldwide. This empowerment takes shape in the form of enhanced sales, fortified data protection, and optimized workflows—all made possible through meticulously crafted technology solutions. These solutions are intricately designed to align with your distinct business objectives, serving as a testament to AMIS's commitment to fostering growth and success on a global scale.

About Team - AMIS

About the Team

I started my Information Technology career supporting numerous businesses technology ensuring their operations keep running as they leverage Information Technology to enhance their business. As I gained more knowledge and experience, I wanted to do more, I produced the idea of building a Cybersecurity business as the Cybersecurity industry is a complex arena that large organizations overspend while still being vulnerable to cyber threats and SMBs under-spend and become the “hop point” to compromise other larger organizations or the primary target of cyber-attacks. Alvarado Managed IT Services (AMIS) was born, to expand the protection from cyber threats so that large organizations appropriately protect their most vulnerable assets and SMBs understand how much to spend and where to spend it, ultimately answering the question of “Are we secure?”.

Alvarado Managed IT Services (AMIS) is built on the passion of IT and Cybersecurity professionals driven by their interest in technology and business alike. AMIS aims to support organizations goals by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers data, systems, and applications. AMIS aims to change the way cybersecurity is approached in business, as safety is as important in other industries, cybersecurity should be viewed the same way. AMIS focus is to help it’s customers appropriately allocate budget to protect the most valuable assets, continuously monitor risks and adjust as our customer's threat landscape changes.

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We'll discuss your industry, organization and it's goals. We will then ask questions circling around key areas in Cybersecurity created by AMIS leveraging the CIA Triad, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and NIST Risk Management Framework, ranking your critical functions and technologies. The result is a custom score that will allow you and your organization to identify its highest risk ranking business functions and technologies. 

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We'll review the results of your score and talk about options for reducing your vulnerability of threat. 

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